10 books I wish I had read sooner

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Someone said to me today:

"I wish I had joined your community 5, or even 10, years ago...

...imagine where I would be today."

It got me thinking...

We often find the key information late in the game.

Long after we first needed it.

Mostly through trial and error.

And we are left with that feeling of "I wish I'd known _______ earlier"

Even though hindsight is 20/20 it got me thinking further.

What do I wish I had learned earlier in my journey?

Like the importance of compound interest (and how it applies to everything).

Or selling transformations rather than products.

Or the sheer power of the law of reciprocity.

So, I made this short list in the hope that it may be helpful.

What do you wish you had known earlier?

Send me an email here I would love to hear from you.

This book will teach you how to write better - here

This is the worst book I have ever bought.

It is poorly constructed, cheaply printed and only 54 pages long.

An odd choice to start a list with, don't you think?


...it totally changed the way the look at the written word and started me on the path I am on today.

Pretty much everything - here

A big man, trying to make it big, in the little leagues!

This book taught me to look beyond the size of a company to judge its significance.

Do Open - here

Email is dead - apparently.

If you are going to put your money into one thing, pick this thing.

The book title says it all really.

Footprints on the Moon

Buzzer management is a useful skill.

There's no such thing as writer's block.

Reassurance is overrated.

This book changed the way I see the world and challenged me to make a difference.

(Which is good because that's what the back of the books says it will do!)

Good luck finding a copy of this for sale.

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be - here

There's so much value packed into this book.

However, this book also taught me something else.

It taught me that my writing could be of value too.

It gave me hope.

And probably led to me starting my first book.

Steal like an artist - here

A short read but so powerful.

Before this book I used to crave originality to the point I felt unable to publish anything publicly.

This book taught me not to be so precious and how to steal, and share, my and other people's ideas.

The Coaching Habit - here

I am a coach.

Because of this book I am a much better coach.

And, a better friend, husband & father.

Better conversations don't just have to be limited to work.

Feck Perfunction - here

You won't like the way James speaks to you.


Because he's not buying your s**t.

A book of truth.

And the truth often hurts.

The War of Art - here

This book took something I already knew and made it useable.

If you spend more than 15 mins with me I will probably bring this book.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race - here

This one needs no comments.

A never more relevant read.

If you only read one book on this list, make it this one.

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