Patience is a superpower

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90% of your rivals are playing the short game.

Being impatient.

Chasing the next quick win.

Desperate for results today.

This leads to 2 choices.

You can either try to outplay them at their game… 

…or play a different game entirely.

I choose the latter.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a seed a long time ago.
Warren Buffet

The power of the long game is often overlooked.

It isn’t sexy.

It doesn’t give you day 1 results.

Or day 2.

Or day 100.

I'm not sure I'm getting invited onto a podcast to talk about why it took me so long to get to where I am today.

But, the effect of playing the long game compounds over time, until…


As Hemmingway put it ‘gradually, then suddenly’.

Patience as a superpower!

Ok Iain!

Great idea, but…

…if it’s so powerful why do 90% of entrepreneurs choose a different strategy?

Firstly, we are all running out of patience. 

We crave instant gratification.

Instant success. 

Long hard work is not something most people are willing to do anymore.

And, that’s the exact reason to do it. 

To do what others will not. 

To play where others are not.

Second, we have an entrepreneurial blindspot, a bias in how think.

It’s easy for us to connect a big change to a big result.


We can't connect how a small change will have such a large impact.

Gradually, then suddenly, is a tough tactic to believe in, to visualise.

But, time compounds.

Time is a multiplier and the one thing we are always looking to shortcut.

The long game requires patience, mostly yours.

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