You don't have to do this!

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Being a business owner or entrepreneur is a choice. You don't apply, there are no interviews, no-one picks you. You simply make the choice.

But what are you choosing?

You are choosing the opportunity to 'own', to 'build', to make an impact. The chance to solve a real world problem in a way that you are proud of. The chance to trade your solution with a customer who needs your solution to that problem. A chance to be backed, bootstrapped, funded and paid directly by those customers.

You also make the choice to take charge, take on risk and take the responsibility to lead. A chance to increase your workload and your blood pressure, whilst at the same time decreasing your bank balance. All this for the chance of a more fulfilling journey, the chance to write your own story.

If you are good (or lucky) you will be paid what you are worth, for doing work that matters to both you and your customers. In return you will receive the freedom that comes from making your own choices.

Being an owner is a choice...

...with an amazing reward...

..but it was never going to be easy!

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