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"Working with Iain has been a huge asset for Sidekick. Working through our business from beginning to end has helped us gain the clarity, direction and focus to set our company on a new path. We are really moving forward now!"

- Jason, Sidekick Digital

The Problem
Does this sound familiar?
5 signs that you need my help
Everything falls on you
Sales, marketing, delivery, accounts, customer support.

You take on all the roles, all the time. Your clients control all of your time. When you do carve out time for yourself or your family you get called back to work to fire fight the latest problem and request that comes in.
You're working longer hours
Over 90% of the work your business does you do yourself — and you are finally running out of hours in the day. You find yourself working early mornings, into the evenings, on weekends, and worse, on holiday.

Honestly, what would happen to your business if you left for 2 weeks and turned off your phone?
You're not making more money
Profit isn’t growing— it has stayed the same, month on month (maybe even for years). The freedom and growth you wanted when you started just isn’t coming.

But how? You have work, and you’re still in business, so you must be doing something right. What could you be missing?

The only option? More of the same — or — start a job hunt.
You keep switching priorities
Every Internet Guru seems to have it all figured out.

The perfect trick - that nobody's ever heard of - to make your next million.

Podcasts, blogs, ads, funnels, social media, the list is endless.

Whilst you don't believe the hype, you try each new idea in an attempt to kickstart your business. You don't get the results you are looking for and only serve to add yet another task to your already full todo list.
You find yourself wondering "Am I cut out for this?"
There’s rarely a straight line from here to better.

But, sometimes the relentless slog of building and running your business makes you stop and ask "should it really be this hard?"
Meet iain
I've been exactly where you are.

Every roadblock under the sun—you name it—I’ve crossed paths with it.

Hitting revenue ceilings, over-working, under-selling, imposter syndrome...

I’ve been there and I’ve felt stuck too.

But working through these challenges myself, and now helping others overcome them, I have learned there is a roadmap to avoid most these typical business roadblocks.

Three fundamental steps to build a better business and I’m eager to share them with you.

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Fix the foundations
Going from where you are now to where you want to be is as simple s getting the foundations right.

Simple but not easy.

Imagine working at a business where you don't have to worry about revenue each month. A business that does work you’re proud of. Work that makes a difference for the people you serve. And perhaps, work that pays you what you’re worth and gives you the freedom to control your calendar and make your own choices.

Your confidence would be sky-high and all of this is possible with the right foundations; a market that needs your help, a contribution you want to make and the willingness to put in the effort— to level up and build a better business.

01 Clarity
Focus so you can work on what matters
You've got the same number of hours in your day as everyone else but you need to spend them on work that actually makes a difference to your company.

Getting clear on who you are, who you serve and what problem you solve is the key to clarity. It is this focus that drives your business forward and, most importantly, the confidence to say 'no'!
02 Consistency
Be heard so people can buy from you
People are overloaded with requests for their attention. It's harder than ever for a business to be noticed.

By defining your brand, clarifying your messaging and showing up consistently you can cut through the noise. By making it easier for people to find you, to know what you do and how you can help, you make it far more likely they will buy from you.
03 Commitment
Build momentum so each win leads to the next
An object at rest stays at rest. In order to begin moving forward you need to apply force.

Find the little things. The small wins that by themselves seem inconsequential but compounded over time have a massive impact on your business.
The opportunity
More money, more time, more freedom.
Get the foundations right and the rest will follow.

These 3 foundational blocks,

Consistency &

add up to one thing; a better business.

A business that does work you’re proud of. Work that makes a difference for the people you serve. Work that pays you what you’re worth and gives you the freedom to make your own choices.

The Process
Over 90 day sprint we will identify and resolve a key problem in one fo the 9 key areas of your business. We will do this through a combination of coaching calls, key resources and review sessions.

What we will cover


Shift your mindset

Everything in your business starts with you. Show up ready to do the work that matters.


Understand your customer

You can't help everyone. Know your ideal customer to help the ones you can.


Establish your offer

People buy future versions of themselves. Know the transformation you enable for your customers.


Define your brand

Standing for something allows you to stand out. Own your differences and lean into them.


Craft your message

If you confuse you lose. Craft messaging that cuts through the noise.


Unify your image

Marketing is an exercise in memorisation. Repeat your message across all platforms.


Create your systems

Systems save time and money. Make the repeatable manual labour disappear.


Promote your brand

People can't buy from you if they don't know you exist. Now is the time to be heard.


Sell your products

Every company needs sales to survive. Make it easy for people to buy from you.

Faster & cheaper
Save time and money.
Get to your destination faster and cheaper by borrowing my experience.

You could fix your problems yourself but borrowing my experience will allow you to fix them faster and cheaper.

My experience is here and available for you. I want you to learn from my stories and to personally help you overcome the obstacles standing between you and your goals.

I’ve kept it simple, I've kept it focussed. Each stage throughout this entire program is a tried and tested process, system, or mindset tip to help you make money, save time or have more freedom.

Don't buy this!
Invest in it!

The processes, strategies, and insights in this coaching program will require you to show up and put in the work. It will take more than just opening your wallet to master them.

I don't guarantee overnight success. But, let's be honest that really doesn't happen in business. What I do promise is that the time, money and effort you put into the relationship will save you more time, money and effort in the future.

You have to do the work yourself, but like any good coach I can keep you from getting in trouble along the journey. If you are ready to do the heavy lifting and take your business to the next level, I am ready to support you.

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